In 2001, Wolfgang Herold founded Herold Productions to develop, finance and produce international feature films.
The first big success being with "House of the Dead" in 2003 which hit the US Box Office at number 6. And in 2005 "Alone in the Dark" was number 1 in the German DVD charts for several weeks. For the soundtrack of this movie Wolfgang Herold received gold and platinum awards. The biggest project "Dungeon Siege" opened in November 2007 with a 60 million dollar budget. This was followed in 2008 by the remake of "The Bridge/Die Brücke", Bernhard Wicki's classic which was nominated for an Oscar in 1960. The German boxer Henry Maske starred as Max Schmeling in the biopic of the same name, which was released in German movie theatres in the fall of 2010. August 2011 followed the German hip-hop film "Homies". "Die schwarzen Brüder", the film adaptation of one of the most-read childrens' books worldwide, was released by Studiocanal in 2014. Wolfgang Herold was awarded the Hessian Film Prize. He is member of the Deutsche Filmakademie.

Wolfgang Herold, Producer